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ELF Valentines Day Challenge!

So this year I will be spending my Valentines alone, with my cat, again. But when I saw on the ELF Facebook page they were looking for bloggers to complete their ELF Challenge, I thought what a better way to celebrate than with make-up.
I've been a fan of ELF for a very long time, in face their brushes and lipsticks were my first steps into make-up so I was more than happy and excited to complete this challenge. 
I was overjoyed to see all the bits and pieces inside the package I was sent and had a lot of fun and experimenting with what I wanted to do.
The look I created is a sultry, smoky look, I think this would be more suited to a dinner or evening out or if you're spending Valentines Day alone like me, this look would be great to wear for a night on the town with the girls! 

Hit read more to see how I fared on this challenge!


I began my look by cleansing and toning my face and ensuring it was moisturised, don’t forget to apply to dry eyelids if you feel you need to so to ensure that the shadow stays and applies smoothly

I then took the ELF Mattifying Foundation (£7.00)with a flat top brush and buffed it in sparingly as this was just a base for now before I went in to tidy up after my shadow, the foundation glided on and evened my complexion, I also applied to my eyelids as creams act as a great primer under powder shadows and stop the shadow from creasing and makes the colour that much more dramatic!

As you can see the foundation made my skin almost look porcelain, it went on amazingly and set very matte, which I love against a dark smokey eye and it's also great for the evening when you get a little shiny to top up as it sets in a powder form, I was blown away!

1- Highlight // 2- Bronzer and blending powder // 3-Bronzer // 4 & 5- Base Silver // 6- Outer Corner // 7- Crease and outer corner // 8- Middle of lid // 9- waterline colour //

Firstly as I wanted a dramatic winged smokey eye, I took a small slither of scotch tape (make sure to stick and peel off your hand a few times as you don’t want to pull or damage under your eyes) and applied this on the usual angle I would apply my liner, make sure both sides are even and won’t budge or bother you when you’re applying the shadow.

I then took colour 4 and 5 from the 32 piece palette (Everyday £6.00) and packed this all over my lid up to the tape and tapered it towards the tape, make sure to really pack this on and blend the edges to soften  the harsh lines, these colours look amazing together and make a bright base for a smokey eye look like this one make sure to take it into the inner corner too as a  base for your highlight colour.

 I then took 6 which is a dark, sultry grey into the outer half of my lid and blended this well to make a gradient effect, to blend I used a fluffy brush with 2 on it to warm up the cool tones of the silver and grey. I took the grey and blended this to a point on the outer corner, focusing the pigment here.

Taking 7, a gorgeous matte black and my inspiration for this look, on a tapered crease brush,I took this colour into the crease and patted it on the corner of my lid making the wing much more defined yet I went back in with 2 to smoke out the wing and the very outer corner, the black is so pigmented it really did what I was hoping in making this a gorgeous grey, smokey eye.

I then took number 8 on a flat brush and patted this lightly onto the middle of the lid to create a sheen and highlight on the lid and to make my eye colour pop. I also took 1, the highlight colour, into the inner corner of my eye to brighten the eye and make the eye appear larger and more awake, I find it also balances the dark colours too.

Then carefully remove the tape and I applied number 9 on a small smudging brush halfway under the eye on the water line as I found that the navy colour looked much more subtle than the black and not as harsh, I then took a clean brush and took 1 under the inner corner to further highlight.  I was also given the Everyday Lashes (£4.50), but I didn't put them on in this look as my lashes are already quite long and I find that any glue is irritating to my eyes, but they are beautiful and gorgeous natural lashes. So I applied the Waterproof Lengthening and Volumising mascara (£3.75) to my lashes which is a great mascara and didn't clump (yay!)

Finished Eyes

As my eyes don't like the glue of any false lashes I missed them this time and just used the Mascara, it still looked insanely amazing and dramatic!

The Finishing Touches

For my finishing touches I firstly cleaned up using the HD Mattifying foundation under my eyes to remove any fallout and also took a detailing brush to cover any blemishes. I then took 3 & 2 from the eyeshadow palette and a contour brush and blended this under my cheekbones as a matte contour which contrasted with my dark eyes. I was also given this gorgeous baked blush in Peachy Cheeky (£3.75), it suggested for a stronger pigment I wet the brush before application, which I did, I sprayed it lightly with water before taking it to the pigment, it was a flattering pink with shimmers which acted as a great highlight along the cheekbones, on a dry brush I also took this along the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow.

And what is a Valentine’s day look without a lipstick! I was gifted with the Moisturising lipstick in Ravishing Rose (£3.75) a colour which looks very plummy pink on my lips and looks very sultry with the smoky eye, I applied this to my lips before blotting it down to more a matte finish, this lipstick is so moisturising and is a colour I would typically reach for on a daily basis and is a gorgeous Winter colour and it smells amazing too. (Weird I know?!) I then also applied the lilac nail polish  (£2.50) which settled into an opaque nail polish with 2 coats and with such a pastel colour this would look great with any romantic Valentines outfit.
 Complete Face

 I had such fun making this look and putting this post together, I want to say a big thank you to ELF for giving me this opportunity. You can check out their site here and all the products I used are linked above.

I hope you all have a happy Valentines Day and let me know below your thoughts on the look and what you're doing for Valentines Day!

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